Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Blood

As Tau patrols scoured the ruins of the dead world, Kathas, for the ancient alien technologies thought to lie there, a small band of orks laid in wait among the wrecked city-center. Their bestial faces lit with glee in anticipation for the right moment ready to strike. The cover was blown as the deffkoptas fired up too soon and triggered a thunderous Waagh! from the lead nobz which sent the ork-gits running!

The tau were alerted and then able to mount a hasty defence. Yet the green mass dragged them down in a fury war-shouts, whirling blades and ork muscle.
The orks rejoiced in their victory, firing guns into the sky and beating the ground with their heavy blades. The ruckus surely drew the attention of other enemies...

Farther to the south at a outpost in the wilderness, Dark Angel Space Marines met with their brother marines, the Blood Angels, in a trial combat drill to ready their forces for the coming war. The Blood Angels lost honor as the red marines performance was poor, uncoordinated and undisciplined, perhaps tainted by the curse of the black rage. The Dark Angels cheered in their success and then prayed to the Emperor for repentance of their vanity.

Shortly afterward, their sergeants received a comm-link message. "Xenos forces located to the north, regroup and prepare for battle. Praise the Emperor."

Results: Blood Angels receive +1 POI Point, and +1 Experience for the tactical squad and bike squad.


Big 'ead Basha said...

Combat Patrol Orks vs. Tau.

20xBoyz with Sluggas & Choppas
20x Boyz with Shootas
2x Deffkopttas

Battlesuit with shield drones
Kroot Mercenaries
Pathfinders in a Devilfish

The orks were deployed 3 boyz deep waiting to get going. The Tau were cautiously deployed, the Devil Fish with it’s pathfinders made a move to take refuge in the ruins before the orks could get ready, and carnivorous Kroot Mercenaries slithered into the middle of the battlefield waiting to pounce on da’ boyz as the moved forward.

Turn 1
The ork bozy set off first. The crazy gitz in the deefkoptas split up and moved to either side of the boyz. One aiming for the Devilfish and the other point his sights on the Battlesuit. The choppas rushed towards the Tau front line trying to keep the buildings in between them and fishies. The shoota’s moved forward looking for something to throw some dakka at. They were rewarded with seeing some kroot heads sticking up above some ruins. Try as they might the shootas were only able to kill one kroot. The Deefkopta targeting the devilfish had more luck. With a yell the unleashed his rokkit and blew off the burst cannon of the devilfish. The other deefkopta had too much smoke in his eyes so his shot went wide of the Tau commander. The slugga boyz urged their two boyz with rokkit launcher to shoot at the devil fish, unfortunately they got a bit excited and no one knows were those rokkits landed.

The Tau responded by repositioned, knowing they would rather face boyz with shootas instead of choppas. The ork in the deefkopta that hurt the devilfish was wondering what the strange lights were that were pointed at him from the pathfinder, he had little time to wonder a when a seeker missile blew him up. The rest of the pathfinders and the battlesuit turned towards the slugga boyz and fell three of them, the rest of the boyz didn’t even notice their comrades falling.

Turn 2
The shoota boyz continued their advance on the kroot, and the remaing defkoopta also advanced on them. The slugga boyz moved a bit forward, but tried to hide behind a building. The shoota boyz were a bit more accurate this time and took out 3 of the kroot. The defkopta boy still had smoke in his eyes and his rokkit again went wide. Howling with rage the defkopta punched it and flew into the kroot. In his rage he seemed to forgot to actually try and kill any of the kroot while they in turn stuck him with a pointy bit.

The Devilfish moved to provide a better fireing point on the slugga boyz, the battlesuit also jumped to get the boyz into view. The Firewarriors moved up to try and get in position to rapid fire the orks in the next turn. The shooting phase was uneventful. Only 2 more boyz fell because of intervening terrain. The assault phase was a bit more eventeful. The kroot struck at the defkoptta, but their blows only bounced off the underside of the contraption. The boy in return slew a kroot. The kroot thinking that maybe fighting a machine with pointy whirling blades was a bad idea decided it was time to leave, unfortunetly they were not quick enough and the defkoopta ran them all down.

Turn 3
The defkopta overjoyed by his success turned is attention on the battesuit he fired a rokkit, but again he had smoke issues and decided to forget the gunz and just ram the battlesuit, the shoota boyz with no enemies insight decided to try and get a better view ontop of some ruins, the slugga boyz started to get really rieled up sensing the fire warriors on the other side of the building decided it was time for Waaaaagh! and charged around the building shouldered their guns and run right into the Tau. Several of the Tau fell on the spot, the rest so surprised by the orks fled, but the boyz cut them down. The Defkopta was not so lucky, try as he might he was unable to wound the battlesuit, and the battlesuit in turn smashed his rotta and caused the kopta to crash and explode into the ground

The Tau commanded sensing that victory was still in his grasp moved forward, he bathed the slugga boyz in fire and let loose his burst cannon. The pathfinders also added to the fire. All together 6 boyz died. The boyz boyed by their recent victory were still unphased. The tau commander seeing that the orks would not be stopped jumped behind the devilfish in hopes it would shield him.

Turn 4
The shoota boyz moved further into the ruins in the center to try and get a better view of the battle field, and the slugga boyz moved around the devilfish towards the tau commander that had burned them. The shoota boyz tried to pick out the pathfinders ruined building infront of them, but failed to hurt them. The shoota boyz so preoccupied with trying stick the tau battlesuit with a choppa missed with their slugga. Try as they might the boyz were only able to kill one mesely gun drone, the tau commander in turn killed a boy, the battle was a draw.

The tau commander sensensing the end was near called for help. The gun drones on the devilfish deployed and came to his aid as well as the pathfinders. The orks sensing easier targets turned towards the pathfinders and wipped them out, the tau were only able to kill one more boy. The tau commander knowing when victory was no longer possible fled.

Brother_Corbulo said...

Cool report. Dem fishheads didna stand a chance!