Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Blood

As Tau patrols scoured the ruins of the dead world, Kathas, for the ancient alien technologies thought to lie there, a small band of orks laid in wait among the wrecked city-center. Their bestial faces lit with glee in anticipation for the right moment ready to strike. The cover was blown as the deffkoptas fired up too soon and triggered a thunderous Waagh! from the lead nobz which sent the ork-gits running!

The tau were alerted and then able to mount a hasty defence. Yet the green mass dragged them down in a fury war-shouts, whirling blades and ork muscle.
The orks rejoiced in their victory, firing guns into the sky and beating the ground with their heavy blades. The ruckus surely drew the attention of other enemies...

Farther to the south at a outpost in the wilderness, Dark Angel Space Marines met with their brother marines, the Blood Angels, in a trial combat drill to ready their forces for the coming war. The Blood Angels lost honor as the red marines performance was poor, uncoordinated and undisciplined, perhaps tainted by the curse of the black rage. The Dark Angels cheered in their success and then prayed to the Emperor for repentance of their vanity.

Shortly afterward, their sergeants received a comm-link message. "Xenos forces located to the north, regroup and prepare for battle. Praise the Emperor."

Results: Blood Angels receive +1 POI Point, and +1 Experience for the tactical squad and bike squad.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Standard year 4021.25 - Rogue Star Beta-Epsilon 3X has now been in deep space for .79 cycles near the Hades-Prime Warp Rift. After the class D star suddenly appeared complete with orbiting planets, a powerful alien signal sent a burst of bizarre messages briefly from an unknown location. Various factions in the area (already prepared for such anomalies) secretly dispatched long range investigation fleets capable of hunting in a mix of hostile planets. Large "explorer" class mother ships anchored each force as they sped towards the star. These big ships relied on speed and stealth as they were not really equipped for major combat (most weapon systems were replaced by massive propulsion engines, supplies and ground unit production systems). The fleets arrived at the same time to engage in cat and mouse maneuvers as they hunt for the source of the mysterious signal in the rouge star system.

The alien signal meant many things to the many factions.

The Tau, an ever inquisitive race, would come to seek out and learn unknown alien technologies and destroy other who wished the same.

The Eldar would come to investigate the signal's mysterious similarities to their own communications. Could it have been sent from the lost Exodite Craftworlds?

The Orks would come for a fight. Such a bizarre signal surely meant new enemies to pulverize. Waaaaagh!

The Space Marines would have no visions of grandeur or material gain. Dispatched by the Inquisition, their mission was simple. Find the Xeno and crush it utterly.